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Can I be involved in CAP with my teen?

Absolutely!  Some opportunities to share in the CAP experience are:

Cadet Sponsor Member --  Just like any other youth organization, CAP relies on parents to help support the program.  Parents do have to undergo the same background screening process and cadet protection training as the other adult members and first year dues are just $30 and renewals are only $20.  As a parent sponsor, you'll be able to help chaperone the kids, ride or drive in the CAP vehicles, and otherwise help the other adult volunteer members. You will not be required to wear the Air Force-style uniform. 

Senior Member -- If you are more interested in taking a leadership role in the Cadet Program, or want to participate in CAP's aerospace education and emergency services missions, you should join as a senior member..   Talk with your child’s squadron commander about joining as a senior member.  You will need to submit and complete a membership application, fingerprint card and complete an orientation course. Annual membership dues vary by state.  Please click here to view the membership dues table.